PROPHETIC DREAMS, by Harry and Nicola Wendrich



Title: All Things To God


Size: 50 cm x 100 cm


Medium: Acrylics, gold and silver leaf on canvas


Date: 18th June, 2010


Price: £TBA



I open a small book of children's Christmas puzzles. On one of the pages I see a black rectangular stamp, about 4cm wide by 7cm high. Within it are the numbers 31 12 2012, below which is number 15, which I interpreted within the dream as a date and time 3pm., 31st December, 2012.


On the right hand side are the words: "All things to God." Below the date is an upside-down Ace of Spades. Below the words is an upright Ace of Spades.

Above the stamp, flickering lines of pastel-coloured light appear. It is text that I cannot see, but I know what it says. The date refers to a time when people will be 'rubbed down' (my phrase). Only that which is of God remains. I sees people: some are almost transparent and seem weak; others are shining brightly as if of gleaming brass. They are called "Shining Ones." They are people who were living their lives in obedience to Divine Will prior to and up to that date. I could also see that from that date, much that is invisible would become visible, including many colours.


Further information:

A friend found and passed on this information regarding the Ace of Spades, from the net (


Ace of Spades:

Essence: Karma.Manifestation: Imposing buildings, the authorities, institutions.Interpretation: The Ace of Spades is known for being baleful and sinister, and there is certainly some basis for this reputation. It's essential meaning links it with the ancient concept of karma and destiny, however. Certain things must come into being, or pass away, for they are part of the larger pattern decreed by fate. In the ancient Greek worlds the three Fates (atropos, Clotho and Lachesis) answered to no one, but sat spinning the thread of destiny over which even the gods had no influence.


Similarly, the Ace of Spaces cannot lightly be dismissed. In its most positive manifestation it promises worldly power and influence, but at a price. Generally, it augurs a challenging phase ahead, in which obstacles must be overcome by the power of positive thinking, faith in oneself and, if necessary, a stoic acceptance of present difficulties and reversals of fortune. This is not a good time to initiate any kind of legal battle, nor to expect a favorable outcome to any kind of dispute. Reversed: Fundamentally, the Ace of Spades reversed warns of negative thinking, depression, and lethargy in the face of apparently insurmountable obstacles. A serious reassessment of life is required if the damage is to be limited and curtailed. Unexpected difficulties and hidden enemies may surface at this time. Caution is advised in all things; this is a time of decay. However, do not worry - decay is eventually followed by renewal and regeneration.


Upon waking reflection, the number 15 could represent something other than a time, perhaps a number of days, or maybe The Devil of the Tarot, which is Capricorn, fitting with the date, and alluding to being caught in the trap of materialism.

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