MEDITATION: Initial Practice

The MEDITATION section aims to provide a series of meditation techniques which can assist in discovering the potential of exploring the subconscious realms. 

[The Subconscious can also be termed Inner Planes, Astral Realms, the Aethers, etc.]

We begin with some simple techniques to enable visualization and practice familiarity with altered states of consciousness,

  • Posture
  • Root and Fountain Breathing Exercise
  • Light Body Meditation

then progress to an exploration of the archetypal realms, where you can gain an understanding of how meditating on Archetypes can bring about healing on many levels.

Initial Practice:

  • It is advisable to keep to a regular meditation routine, as often as you can, preferably on a daily basis, for at least ten minutes.   This prevents the ego from successfully attempting to thwart your initial efforts. (I can’t meditate now because…. I’ll do it later…..)
  • Choose a place where you will not be disturbed, and disconnect any telephones.
  • Practice exercises until they are easily accomplished.   The initial exercises although seemingly simple can lead to a profound awakening in their own right.


It is important to begin meditation with a relaxed, comfortable body posture, and a stilled mind.  So the first step to meditating is finding a comfortable position that you can hold for between 15 minutes and an hour.  It is not advisable to lay down, because you may end up falling asleep before the end of your meditation.  My preferred position is the lotus position, used by the eastern yogis, because I generally only put myself in that position for the purpose of meditation.  But if you find that uncomfortable, you could sit cross-legged on a cushion, or in a comfortable chair with a straight back and with both feet on the floor.

Breathing Exercise: Root and Fountain

To help still the mind we use breathing exercises to lower and steady the heartbeat.  Concentration on the breath also allows time to let go of the thoughts in your mind and relax into the moment and the immediate work ahead of you.

There are various methods of breath control available.  In time, you will find what suits you best, but for now, here is my preferred method:

Once you feel comfortable with this exercise, you can then move on to a simple but powerful visualization which can be used as a continuation of the breathing exercise.

Visualization:  Light Body Meditation

This visualization may be adapted to a focus upon the Heart Chakra as the source of Light.   The heart radiates Light outwards, until it fills the entire body, pushing out the darkness as it does so.

These two intial meditations may be freely downloaded and printed from this file:  Initial Meditations for print

These exercises act as primer for the next stage of meditation work: Exploring Archetyes.