Meeting Your Personal Astral Guide

Meet with inner archetypal influences to solve problems in your life and heal aspects of yourself, under the guidance of your Personal Astral Guide

It is generally safe to work with archetypes in the inner planes, but because you are primarily dealing with an energy consciousness that presents itself in a particular form for you to interact with, the energy you are working with can sometimes flare or become stronger, which could put you in danger.  For this reason, when it comes to balancing archetypes it is a good idea to use an Astral Planes Guide to help detect an unstable energy, and give advance warning before it begins to fluctuate.  These Astral Guides have access to information on the Astral Planes which is not available to us. 

Once you have met with your Personal Astral Guide, you can treat him as your personal Instructor and Counsellor within the Inner Planes – you can ask to be taken to the archetypes responsible for specific problems in your life, such as illness, difficult relationships, struggles in areas of your life, and then you can question the archetypes regarding the solutions to your problems.  Your Personal Astral Guide is always present to protect you and guide you in this area of your life.   He also can help to answer simple questions regarding your daily life, and sometimes he warns you of dangers that you’re unaware of in your outer life. 

Here follows a meditation process to contact your Personal Astral Guide, adapted from Edwin C. Steinbrecher’s highly recommended book: ‘The Inner Guide Meditation.’[i]

One point which is very important:  when dealing with an archetype that represents a person in your outer world, always remember that you are aiming to work with that aspect of yourself, not affect that person in any way. (It is possible through the work with these archetypes to cause healing effects within yourself and others in your life, but it is important to obtain the consent of the individual whom you are attempting to help.)  The archetype never looks like that person.  You are encountering the energy within you or the magnetism which is attracting that person to you, and what you are trying to accomplish is to balance that energy.  Do not under any circumstances try to expel the outer person from your life.  It is very dangerous to do so.  Everything in our universe is balanced, and even the most irritating person has a place.  If you were to suddenly ask the archetype to expel that person from your life, you would create a vacuum which has to be filled.  This vacuum allows the energy to flare up in a potentially dangerous way within you and illness may result.

The above meditation sequence  can be freely downloaded and printed here, for personal use:  Meeting-Your-Personal-Astral-Guide

[i] Edwin C. Steinbrecher; The Inner Guide Meditation; ( Samuel Weiser, 2006)