Venus Awakening songs & Music of the Plants

In this section we’d like to share our music and a couple of youtube videos we put together from the album Venus Awakening

Free mp3 downloads of selected songs from Venus Awakening are available at the bottom of this page…

Please also scroll down for MUSIC OF THE PLANTS videos.

Celestial Spheres acts as a meditation, both in song and through the accompanying video.  The song is set to a backdrop of Angelic names.  These are the 72 Angels of the Schemhamporesch, spoken in order of their Sephirothic attributions from the Ace of Wands (Fire of Kether) to the Ten of Pentacles (Earth of Malkuth).  The planetary images are a meditation in themselves, with a surprise at the end of the video as the Divine Names of the Sephiroth are accompanied by a wonderful opportunity to view Harry’s Tree of Life paintings at their original sizes.

It All Comes Down was made as an introduction to the now complete Golden Dawn Temple Tarot Deck.  Again, the video offers the opportunity to view these images at a much larger size than in the Tarot Gallery.  The original paintings are 70cm x 100cm.

Venus Awakening  Venus Awakening

  ‘Venus Awakening’ is available on CD from HERE

Below are a selection of tracks from Venus Awakening, available as free mp3 downloads.  Please consider donating to ROPE (http://www.rope.org.uk ) Relief for Oppressed People Everywhere — Targeting help at grass roots level in over 70 countries:  responding to God’s love for the poor around the world, to relieve the terrible effects of the oppression of poverty through practical and sustainable action.  100% of all gifts given to Rope are used for the direct benefit of the poor. The ‘Friends of Rope’ fund meets the running costs of the organisation.


Free mp3 downloads of the album tracks: 

1. Into the Spring

2. The Master Within

6. It All Comes Down

9. Autumn Dream

10. This Too Shall Pass

11. Assurance Divine

16. When Education Comes to an End… Go to Shiloh


 Song of Elder in Berry  (not on CD)


In this section are our youtube videos of recordings of music generated by plants, using the U1 device, described below.  The atmosphere which is generated through the sound draws the listener into the pace of devic consciousness, and it is a profound experience.  This is an arena for much experimentation and research.

Song of Ivy:

Song of Elder in blossom (Summer Solstice, 2015)

Song of Horsetail:

Song of Elder in berry (September, 2015)

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ELDERBERRY We are happy to offer here a free mp3 download of our recording of the Elder Tree Song in berry.  The recording is 15 minutes long.   Such music is ideal for relaxation, study background music, meditation, stress relief, and for inviting a devic presence into one’s environment.  Click on the title for the mp3 to open, and may you be blessed…

Song of Elder in Berry

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From Cygnus Review:

“The technical process is simple: a biofeedback system detects the electromagnetic changes between the surface of the leaves and the root area and then turns them into sound using a synthesizer. The equipment, like any instrument, has been refined many times over and is available to all who want to experience it for themselves.

Nature has many incredible ways of communicating, and with the Music of the Plants U1 device, there is finally an avenue of expression for the plant world.  Music of the Plants device in your home or garden will awaken a deeper sense of awareness and connection to the natural world. Crafted by hand, the U1 is the result of over forty years of fascinating research at Damanhur. The music created is organic and relaxing, allowing listeners to be at one with nature and to appreciate the impact that our interactions and intentions have on the plant world. Discover this unique and profound connection for yourself.”