THE TREE OF LIFE SERIES, by Harry Wendrich

METATRON, by Harry Wendrich

Size: 120cm x 160cm

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Date: 2007

Price: £5,000




“The First Path is called the admirable or Hidden Intelligence because it is the Light giving the power of comprehension of the First Principle, which hath no beginning. And it is the Primal Glory, because no created being can attain to its essence .” (Yetziratic Text)


Magical Image: an ancient bearded King in profile

God Name: Eheieh

Archangel : Metatron


Kether is a fountain of Creative Force, dispersing into crystallized patterns of its own making. The First Sephira has other titles, including ‘Concealed of the Concealed,' and ‘The Head which is not.' This title hints that there is an invisible side to Kether which I give to the non-sephira of Daath.


The spiritual experience of Kether is union with God and the comprehension of the Immortal Spirit, which is the goal of all creation, which trembles in anticipation of its completion within the Great Work. The Great Work is the soul's journey through life to regeneration into the unmanifest presence of God.


The Name of God in Kether is Eheieh, which has been translated as I AM, or I AM THAT I AM, or I BECOME ALL.


The archangel of this sephira is Metatron, who reigns over the whole Tree of Life as well as Kether. Legend has it that this great and mighty archangel was once human, in the form of the Biblical Enoch. It is said that Enoch was transformed into the angel, to teach mankind how to walk with God. Metatron was also one of the Cherubim, set above the Ark of the Covenant.


In the painting, Metatron is offering us the Holy Grail, out of which flows a serpent. The serpent represents here the conscious point rising up into the Ain Soph, carried by sexual energy, the most potent of forces in man.


The wings of Metatron are a glimpse at the source of Kether's light, the Ain Soph. The Ain is a single spark or circle manifesting in dark light. The Ain Soph is the division and interplay between the points of light, and it is the gradual pulling together of these points of light that generates the essence of the four worlds of the Kabbalah, and also manifests the light of the Ain Soph Aur, which is concentrated through Kether into darkness.


I have depicted the crystallization of the Ain Soph as triangular patterns of different dimensions: Atziluth, which has a very chaotic magnetic field – the points of light are very far apart and unstable; Briah, where the points of light come closer together, the magnetic field though being very stringy and thin; Yetsirah, with a more elastic and fluid magnetism; Assiah with tightly-packed triangles, the magnetism of which generates the light of the Ain Soph Aur.


The lightning flash I have depicted as serpents of light, travelling downwards in between the points of light, energizing the magnetic fields, and bringing a stablising effect to the Ain Soph.


The four horsemen in this painting represent the negative influence of the four worlds of the Kabbalah, which is triggered by negative thinking, and the focal point in man focussing on the creation rather than the Creator.


At the bottom of the painting, we see rainbow waves, taken from the entrance stone of New Grange in Ireland , where at the Winter Solstice a thin beam of light penetrates its dark centre. They represent, in this painting, a barrier until the soul is ready to climb Jacob's Ladder.









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