BOOK: A Sephirothic Odyssey

The book  A SEPHIROTHIC ODYSSEY: A Journey in Consciousness with the Golden Dawn Temple Tarot by Harry and Nicola Wendrich, is now available from here.  Orders of multiple items which can share packaging to be shipped to the same address will be refunded a portion of the shipping cost where applicable.

The book explores the Path of Return, examining each Path and Sephira, and investigating Ain Soph and the Court Cards, including an explanation of the Elemental Signatures used within the painting of the deck, the updated Colour Theory, and additional insights gleaned throughout an odyssey of painting, writing and meditating upon the archetypal forces of the Tarot.  The Vault of the Adepti is also considered in the light of this updated colour theory.

Although a companion to the Golden Dawn Temple Tarot deck, this comprehensive study is relevant to all students of Tarot.




From the back cover:

A Sephirothic Odyssey takes us on a journey upon the Tree of Life with the Tarot Cards.  As we climb the Tree on the Path of Return, we meet the archetypal forces which shape our life experiences, and learn how their balance enables the kundalini serpent fire to rise within us in preparation for entry into deeper levels of consciousness.

The Golden Dawn Temple Tarot is examined in terms of its archetypal and astrological symbolisms. Harry and Nicola also share the updated colour theory developed within their painting of the deck and insights gleaned through meditations, including teachings from the devic realm regarding the creation process from within Ain Soph.

Through completing the journey, we perceive the link between love, light, and consciousness which enables humanity to partake in Universal Consciousness and explore extra-dimensional awareness.

Product Specifications:

Publisher:  Wendrich artHouse, 2016

ISBN:  978-0-9927479-2-3

Paperback:  300 pages, b&w with colour plates

Dimensions:  23 x 18.8 x 2.3 cm


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