KABBALAH: An introduction to the esoteric heart of Jewish mysticism. By Tim Dedopulos; SevenOaks; ISBN 1 86200 275 4 We found this a useful book for newcomers to this vast and complicated subject, with many helpful pictures and diagrams.

INTRODUCTION TO THE CABALA: Tree of Life.  By Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi; Samuel Weiser; ISBN 0-87728-816-X  A gem of a book to open up the complexities of theTree of Life in an easily digestible 200 pages.  With several other books by the same author to take you further, e.g. THE WAY OF KABBALAH

THE TREE OF LIFE: An illustrated Study in Magic.  By Israel Regardie, edited and annotated by Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero; Llewellyn Publications; ISBN 1-56718-132-5   An introduction to the Tree of Life from a Golden Dawn perspective.  It’s always nice to read Israel Regardie’s work, and this book is no exception.

A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO QABALISTIC SYMBOLISM, Volumes 1 & 2.  By Gareth Knight; Helios Book Service Ltd; ISBN 0 900448 13 X.  An in-depth look at the Sephiroth and the corresponding Paths, with Gareth Knight’s unique insights.  We’ve had these books for many years and still refer to them.  Highly recommended.

MAGICAL PATHWORKING: Techniques of Active Imagination.  By Nick Farrell; Llewellyn Publications; ISBN 0-7387-0407-5   This book we found to be very helpful indiscovering different techniques of meditation and pathworkings.  Nick’s insights into the Egyptian godforms are well worth looking at.

TAROT TALISMANS: Invoke the Angels of the Tarot.  By Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero; Llewellyn Publications; ISBN-13 978-0-7387-0871-3  This book would be a great help to any student of the Tarot.  Not only is it full of correspondences, particularly regarding the Angels associated with the cards, but it gives a different perspective upon how Tarot cards can be used as Talismans.

THE INNER GUIDE TO MEDITATION: A Spiritual Technology for the 21st century.  By Edwin C. Steinbrecher; Samuel Weiser; ISBN 978-0-87728-657-8  This book is not just a good read, it is a workbook, and should be used as such.  It has been around for a long time, and is as important today as it was when it first came out.  It introduced us to Inner Guide Meditation and since then we have developed it into our own personal styles, but we would definitely agree with Isreal Regardie in saying, “…it is one of the most significant contributions to meditation in modern times.”  Highly recommended.

THE MAGICAL TAROT OF THE GOLDEN DAWN.  By Pat and Chris Zalewski; Aeon Books Ltd; ISBN 978-1-90465831-3  This is a must for any student of Golden Dawn Tarot.  It is a comprehensive volume, and we have found it very helpful throughout the research and design of the Golden Dawn Temple Deck.

THE SECRET DOCTRINE OF THE KABBALAH: Recovering the Key to Hebraic Sacred Science.  By Leonora Leet; Inner Traditions International; ISBN 0-89281-724-0  This is a heavy-weight, and perhaps more suited for the more advanced student of the Kabbalah.  It would be particularly interesting for those who wish to understand Da’ath, as Leet’s research seems to indicate that it is in fact the centre of the Tree of Life.  An extremely good book.

SEFER YETZIRAH: The Book of Creation, In Theory and Practice.  Translated with commentary by Aryeh Kaplan; Weiser Books; ISBN 0-87728-855-0  This is a source book and an eventual must-read for the student of the Kabbalah.

KABBALAH.  By Gershom Scholem; Keter Publishing House Jerusalem Ltd; ISBN 0-88029-205-9  Scholem’s in-depth research into the history and development of the Kabbalah is a must-read for any student who feels the need to understand more deeply the minds which developed the system over the years.  I have found this book immensely helpful and would  highly recommend it.

THE GOLDEN DAWN ENOCHIAN SKRYING TAROT: Your Complete System for Divination, Skrying and Ritual Magick [Cards].  By Bill and Judy Genaw, Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero; Llewellyn Publications; ISBN-13: 978-0738702018.   This set provides a look at elemental work and an introduction to the Enochian system.   We have found the book and cards to be a highly informative and inspired, for use in divination and meditation.

WIND, SAND, AND STARS.  By Antoine de Saint-Exupéry; William Heinemann Ltd.  If you have never read this beautiful autobiographical novel, do treat yourself to this poetic journey through the elemental world into physical terrains experienced by only a few, with a deeply spiritual current throughout.  His writing is just beautiful.  Better known for his children’s story The Little Prince.  But we’ll remember him for this one.