Key 19: The Sun









Lord of the Fire of the World

“The Thirtieth Path is the Collecting Intelligence, and is so called because Astrologers deduce from it the judgment of the Stars, and of the celestial signs, and the perfections of their science, according to the rules of their revolutions.”  (Sepher Yetzirah)

It is no surprise that most children, when asked to pull a Tarot card, will pull the Sun card. It encapsulates the energies of love and innocence.

The Nineteenth Key of the Tarot connects Yesod to Hod, and is used in the Practicus ritual.  The Hebrew letter attributed is Resh, which represents the head.

In our Sun card, we have attempted to portray the idea of the sun’s light being a manifestation of an invisible light.  The Yods in this card represent a fire triangle, the yods being a broken magnetic field of the fire element within the Divine Light, which is then connected to the smaller triangles of the wall.  The downward pointing triangles, being in the physical, represent the twelve constellations, but the upward facing triangles represent the element within the Divine Light, the larger triangles being Air, the orange being Water, and the smallest triangles being Earth.  This parallels the Golden Dawn symbolism of the wall being made from the rubble of the Tower, which is divided into the twelve zodiacal signs and decantes, etc., where matter enters the realm of Time, which is a kind of bridge between matter and anti-matter.

From these are spread out the 22 archetypes, which again begin to form the four elements on a different level – on the right, water; on the left, earth; in the middle, air.  The fire element as light then becomes the lower part of the two children, beginning to crystallize or become encapsulated in flesh.  The upper part of their bodies is the outward manifestation of the soul with its yearnings to return to the Divine Light, to which the children are pointing, via the caduceus.

Crowley says of the children, “They represent the next stage which is to be attained by mankind, in which complete freedom is alike the cause and result of the new access of Solar energy upon the Earth.” (Book of Thoth, p.114)  


Reflection of our soul’s essence. Love.  Freedom.  Friendships.  Creative endeavours.  Riches on the physical plane.  Spiritual purity.