The Lovers


Children of the Voice Divine; the Oracles of the Mighty Gods

The Seventeenth Path is the Disposing Intelligence, which provides
Faith to the Righteous, and they are clothed with the Holy Spirit by it,
and it is called the Foundation of Excellence in the state of higher things.

This Path connects Tiphareth to Binah.  Its associated Hebrew letter is Zain, which means ‘Sword’.  The Lovers is ruled by Gemini, the Twins.  The Golden Dawn image of the Lovers card is taken from the mythological story of Andromeda and Perseus. 

Crowley says of this Key that in its original form it was the story of Creation.

“Perfect is the plan to produce life, but the nature of this life is concealed.  It is capable of taking any possible form: but what form?  That is dependent upon the influences attendant on gestation.”

The Book of Thoth, p. 83

The Lovers

The Universe swirls in cosmic motion

Pulling Earth to her destiny.

Elements bring Life

To empty space.

The Dragon Stone

Spirals Time into ancient dreams…

Wind kisses serpentine flesh;

Mocking, taunting

To catch subtle melodies;

Pawing long feelers

Flirting with air;

Alerting old bones to pending portals.

Water flows to quell dry tongues;

Demons flee from her path

As she runs to meet lapping shores

Of vast emotions.

Luna’s pull steers her course;

Guiding her long tail

Of glistening gems.

Salamanders dart to pierce the dream;

Awakening to new life.

Freed from the Spellbinder,

Scales flake away:

A diamond sparkles

With the dawn.

The Self is a mystery

Betrayed ‘neath layers of molten stars:

Aeons fail to break through the shell,

Yet hidden behind Time

I govern life and death:

Names but a chain

Pulling into the starry vault.

By Harry, December 2011.


Union.  Attraction.  Love.  Influenced by beauty.  Art, creative writing.  Careful analysis of a situation.  Important choice to be made.  Overcoming chaos through divine guidance.  Inner voice.  Twin souls.  If ill-dignified:  Sensual addiction.  Impulsive decisions. Separation and loss of love.  Disagreement.  Divorce.    

Copyright © Harry Wendrich, 2011.